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I was just this morning commenting back and forth with the wonderful poet Miss Book Thief from Literature Is My Porn about how I had to purge some of the great blogs I was following because I became too overwhelmed to keep up with them all. Obviously when you love a blog enough to want to support the writer, you want to be able to get to know them and then spend some time commenting regularly on their work. I was following over 80 blogs and it got to be too much.

As a result, I ended up unfollowing quite a few of them. Not because I didn’t love them, but because I don’t, at present, have a couple of clones at my beck and call! It hurt having to do that. It was a real sacrifice because I loved those blogs. Now I’m missing them, and am looking for a way to get back in touch after these few months. I haven’t quite worked that out yet. Obviously I need a plan! And as I said in my Blogging A to Z Reflections post, I don’t do plans well. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants!

Poets-CornerBut I am going to make a start. I will be adding a new feature to Impromptu Promptlings twice a month in conjunction with my Friday Favorites post, Poet’s Corner. Every month I plan to “showcase” two of the wonderful poets I’ve met on Word Press. I already have a list of more than 24 whose names I will throw in a box and draw one out at random every other week. I will, of course, invite them to participate because I’d like them to submit a little paragraph about themselves and/or their blog as well as their favorite poem so folks can get to know them. (And if they’re brave enough to submit a picture of themselves, that would be great, too!)

I’m excited!!! These folks have inspired me, made me laugh (not mentioning names, Jane. 😉 ), and more than a few of them have made me cry. I really want you to meet them if you haven’t already!

So beginning this Friday look for a new feature along with Friday Favorites. And if you would like your work to be highlighted one week, please drop me a note via my Drop Me A Note tab. I’m really looking forward to this! See you Friday!



Picture Credit: etims.net