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Sundays are low energy days for me. We’re on the go from 6:30 till 1:00, and all I want to do after church is come home and sleep. But my goal for my blog is to post something every day, so I’ve come up with a theme for my Sunday posts:

Sunday Sundries

For Mother’s Day today I got two books full of prompts. That’s 800 bloomin’ prompts. I’m thinking SURELY I can find something in one of them to write about on Sundays. So today I’m launching that effort. I’m also going to change the prompt wording so it’s not exactly what’s in the book. Don’t want to get myself in a pickle. So if any of them sound fun to you, please feel free to tackle them on your blog and leave a pingback here so I can come and read them! Here’s today’s prompt!


You’ve just gotten hired at a fortune cookie factory. YOUR job is to write original thoughts to insert in fortune cookies for people to read. Write ten original thoughts!


1.  Without struggles, your rough edges will never be smoothed.

2.  Anger and hate kept inside will sour the soul.

3.  Love others for who they are; forgive them for who they are not.

4.  It only takes a moment for someone’s life to change; be that moment to help change someone’s life for the better.

5.  You’re not in this world by accident, you’re here because someone needs you.

6.  The best way to measure a person’s character is by what he says about others.

7.  To always be certain is to stunt your own growth.

8.  Seek to understand what you fear, and your fear will flee.

9.  Wisdom does not necessarily come with age, it comes most often from failure.

10.  Each relationship you have is an opportunity to participate in creation.



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