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The Daily Post prompt for today is Vision. There were three main ways Google defined the word vision.

One way is as a verb. To have vision means to have the ability to “imagine”, to look ahead and anticipate what might happen in the future. Some people see vision as the noun meaning “an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition”, maybe monsters under the bed? (I know them personally. I had night terrors growing up!) The third way is a noun also. It’s “the faculty or state of being able to see.”

closeencounters3I’m getting older. Soon I’ll be 65. I have glaucoma and l’m a type 2 diabetic. The combination of the two makes driving at night a pain in the keister. The lights from on-coming cars look like the little baby spaceships that flew down the road in Close Encounters of the Third Kind! But bright lights of any kind, even the sun, or worse, the sun hitting the sparkling snow in the winter cause me a lot of grief. I always have my sunglasses on during the day when I’m driving, and it’s not unusual for me to wear them at night, as well. Especially if it’s raining and the streets are wet.

rose-colored-glasses-migraines-articleBut I think there must be another kind of vision because you hear folks allude to it now and then. Ever hear of someone wearing rose-colored glasses? Wouldn’t that imply that there are different kinds of “vision” when it comes to attitude as well? Where do YOUR “prescription attitude lenses” fall on the color spectrum?

CTRndYelMine can be slightly right of rose in the peachy zone. When asked how I am, I find myself responding every now and then with “just peachy!” Or do you have greenish-tinted lenses because your perspective is filtered through the awareness of environmentalism? Are you one of those folks who has such a sunny
vintage05-20037disposition that your attitude glasses are always tinted yellow? I’m finding as I get older that I wear my chocolate-colored, dark glasses more often than I used to. Some days things just look outright dreary to me.

This prompt post is really rather silly, but I must admit it made me wonder what kind of optometrist one has to see to get their “attitude prescription” changed…




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