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Writers are all rumored to have them. They don’t hang around all the time, giving writers the perfect excuse to put off writing, but when they do, watch out! Grab a pen and paper and get ready to write. I’m speaking, of course, of a MUSE. It’s a safe bet that every book I’ve read about the art of writing, says all writers have one. And if they don’t, they better be gettin’ one!

I had just finished reading one such book the week before the homies (my group of gal pals) were going to Park City ski resort to spend the night in a condo shootin’ the bull, scarfin’ down chocolate, guzzling our drinks of choice, and playing “Truth or Dare!”. 😀 The idea of needing a muse was still lurking in the back of my mind as we walked around town that afternoon. I kept getting this picture of a dragon. I LOVE dragons. They’re so whimsical.

So when we wandered into The Expanding Heart (my favorite new age store) I just knew I’d find the perfect representation of my muse. I didn’t. They were fresh out of the little ceramic beasties. The closest critter the gal could come up with was a dragon-FLY. It was lovely, it was also $35. But it wasn’t my dragon. I came home disappointed and still on the lookout for my inspiration.

It just so happened I was cleaning in our bedroom a couple days later and knocked this seascape in a pottery bowl off the window ledge with the vacuum hose. I was heartsick. I’d made it several years before at our 13th and last women’s retreat at Our Lady of the Mountains Retreat House. It had sky blue half marbles for the ocean, a sandy beach with a little bench under a tree, driftwood and teeny tiny shells situated here and there. It was just cute! And every time I looked at it I was reminded of where I’d like to be.

dragonfly stoneThe sand was all over the carpet. There was no way to gather it up and put it all back together, so I decided it would have to go. But as I was picking up the little trinkets that had been nestled in the sand, there was a rock I didn’t recall being in there. I picked it up, turned it over, and carved into the other side was a dragonfly. It was kind of surreal. Sitting there on the floor I thought about the dragonfly in Park City. I had been so sure I’d find my muse in that store. And as I looked over at my desk I noticed TWO dragonfly bookmarks hanging on my lampshade. Then I realized I had dragonflies stuck all around my room! The sales lady at The Expanding Heart had been right. It was the dragonfly that was meant to represent my muse.

A few of dozens of dragonfly things I have around.

A few of dozens of dragonfly things I have around.

What I didn’t realize at the time was the dragonfly I didn’t even remember adding to my seascape was not a happy accident, but a prophecy. I say prophecy because three or four years later, just a few months after I started this blog, a dragonfly drifted into my life and changed it in many ways. That dragonfly became a very real muse to me. He just showed up on my blog one day — January 22, 2015. Fascinated with dragonflies himself, he had followed my avatar from someone else’s site and we got to chit-chatting. But the amazing thing was, he had written a story ABOUT a dragonfly that totally captivated and disarmed me. (The Princess and the Dragonfly)

platosgroove_1440451387_82BWI can honestly say I’ve never known anyone who has had such a profound affect on my ideas, my creative energy, my very heart. So full of wisdom, he’s learned about the life and care of the soul the hard way, and I’ve been honored to have him as a friend and teacher. What’s that old Zen proverb? When the student is ready the teacher will come. I was ready and he came. He has the soul and depth of John O’Donohue and the gentle vulnerability of James Kavanaugh. (And he swears he has an ornery streak, too, just to round things out! LOL) You all know him as Plato from Plato’s Groove. I know him as a true blessing and the awesome fulfillment of a dragonfly prophecy.

Raili, you wanted something unique? Well his groovy dudeship is as unique as they come!. 😀



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