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Last whine, rant, post, whatever, about this book. Promise!. 😀 This last bit sort of echoes what a lot of your comments have been saying.

`Another opportunity awaits you in this ‘between’ time, and that is the opportunity to give voice to your soul. This can be a wonderful time to deepen your spiritual life, for this period shares many characteristics associated with religious retreats and pilgrimages.
You are necessarily more alone, even if others are around, for this is your transition — no one can experience it for you. You are a step removed from everyday routine, and perhaps far removed.
You face questions for which you do not yet have answers, and for which your old answers may no longer work. You are on a search for something bigger than you, something deeper. And in your heart you know it’s not something, but Something. Or Someone.
When that awareness comes, your transition becomes a time of the Eternal. If you’re fortunate, you will know the experience of searching until you are found.

I guess that’s really what I’m doing during this year before Drollery retires. Searching myself (even as I put all those pottery pieces back together) to see if I have the internal resources I need to make this a good time for us. A time when we can be really close and not have a lot of extra stress on our relationship.

One must not always think so much
about what one should do,
but rather what one should be.
(Meister Eckhart)

Sometimes we just don’t realize how important it is to keep an eye on that other end of life even WHILE we’re raising our family. It’s a mistake WE made (thanks in part to three separate job setbacks), and now we’re doing our best to reconcile it. Drollery is mainly concerned with the financial aspects of this maneuver. Me? I guess I want to make sure it will end up being well with our souls, so to speak. That’s why I liked the end of this chapter so much as I really have a sense of the spiritual in the middle of all this change.

James Miller had some suggestions as how to help find your way through the MIDDLE PLACES. He suggests:

  • Visit prior transitions
  • Take respites
  • Rub up against nature
  • Inventory your resources
  • Visualize ideal outcomes
  • Make a retreat
  • Pray in a new way

I know we’ll be doing some of this during the coming year. I heartily suggest buying this little book if you need help finding your way through CHANGE. It’s very short, 63 pages, and has beautiful full-color pictures in it. It’s Welcoming Change: Discovering Hope in Life’s Transitions by James E. Miller.


Thank you, guys, for bearing with me as I journaled my way through part of this book. Sometimes just getting those fears out there on a page in front of me goes a long way toward taking the “scary” out of things.

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