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rod-mckuen1It would seem that poets are a close knit community. Anna Cottage has loved Rod McKuen for over 40 years. She took his death in 2015 rather hard. Since then she’s had the great fortune to be able to purchase some of his personal favorite books. One is from one of my favorite poets, James Kavanaugh, Will You Be My Friend. Anna has posted some pictures of the personal note written on the book Kavanaugh sent to McKuen, and also a short letter that accompanied it. What an interesting peek into those two poetic lives.

Do stop by her blog and have a look at the notes. I found them very touching.

libro-will-you-be-my-friend-james-kavanaugh-4044-MLA115516623_2549-FI looked inside my copy of Will You Be My Friend to see if perchance Kananaugh had dedicated that book to McKuen. He didn’t, but the dedication page was lovely. It says:

To you
Who have lived long enough
to hear your own voice,
Who will continue to search
even if you never find,
Who will only settle for love!

Sounds to me like he dedicated it to all of us who have poetic souls. All of us who continue to search even if we never find.


Picture Credits:
Rod McKuen — mypoeticside.com
Kavanaugh book — articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar