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circle-of-friends-may-2016Kay Morris posted this over at Raili’s “Circle of Friends” weekly event. I thought Kay’s advice was very thought provoking. Wanted to keep it around! Do hop on over and read the whole post. It really was “wonderful advice!”

Kay Morris Writes

This is week four of the Circle of Friends Challenge hosted by Raili.  I encourage you to visit soulgifts to learn more about this amazing phenomena.

This week’s theme invites you to share your most unique experience of friendship. What moment, memory, experience, person comes to mind?

I met Jerusher while out shopping.  I quickly discovered that she was a regional sales director for a cosmetics company, and she was recruiting new sales representatives for her team.  Jerusher was poised and polished.  Her hair was perfectly coiffed, her makeup, flawless.  Her outfit was chic and stylish, expertly complimented by high-end accessories.  Everything about her screamed “success.”  Disenchanted with my current position (low pay and long hours), I accepted her a lunch invitation to learn more about this opportunity.
Jerusher’s sales pitch was persuasive, and I am ready to sign on the dotted line before the waiter brought the check!  After a couple of days and a…

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