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Since I’m in a whimsical mood today, and people keep asking me who Percy is, let me introduce him to you!


20160528_103558Percy is a hand puppet. I fell in love with him months and months ago at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. Every time we were there, the first thing I’d do was go to see if someone had finally taken Percy home. (No, his name wasn’t Percy. It was just Pack Rat. I thought that was so rude!) There he sat, month after month, not getting any love from anyone, and my heart just broke. So when Drollery was looking for something to buy me for Christmas the first thing that came to mind was Percy!. πŸ˜€ ❀

Drollery thought I was nuts. But I loved that little guy and knew he’d be a great traveling companion on my journey. He even had his knapsack on already.. πŸ˜€ And Bran, knowing of my continuing love affair with this little critter, just rolled his eyes when I opened Percy’s box Christmas morning.

We’re all kids inside SOMEWHERE, are we not? At least Plato has been trying to convince me of that. LOL We all need toys!

So I ask you, my friends, what was the last toy you bought yourself or someone else bought for you? THIS inquiring mind wants to know??? Are you brave enough to ADMIT you like toys? πŸ˜€