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Jane Basil

17d2ebc6d2625dfafd20a598452f9d24Poet’s Corner
is the biweekly post where I invite local Word Press poets to be highlighted on my blog. Today I’m welcoming  Jane Basil from the blog Making it write.

As a child, Jane Basil dreamed of seeing her books in the hands of queues of eager customers in bookstores throughout the UK. To date, she has written five childrens stories, an autobiography and countless poems. If she ever overcomes her phobia of rejection, and submits some of her work to a publisher, she could possibly achieve her ambition. Meanwhile, you can read some of her poetry and the occasional piece of fiction on either of her two her blogs, where she rants, lyricises, laughs and cries.

Poets-CornerWhen she’s not writing Jane can usually be found in her kitchen, wondering why the kettle is taking so long to boil, and upon closer inspection, switching it on. When she says she’s writing you’ll find her sitting at her laptop, staring out of the window, watching the world go by.

You can find Jane’s general blog at https://janebasilblog.wordpress.com/
Her heroin addiction blog is at https://motheringaddicts.wordpress.com/

I hope you enjoy Jane’s work and that you’ll stop by her blog and soak up more of her sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, but always thought provoking words. And thanks, Jane, for guesting on my blog!

Jane’s pick for the blog:



at the apex of hurt
the spirit slips to a safe place
watches curtains billow
plucks daisies, thinks about cake
then loses its kindly grip

always, when you fall
you land on the knife

each slash feels like
the worst
the final
the killing cut

 but you stagger to your feet
disguise the festering gash across your face
so it looks like a smile

you tell yourself



. . .

©Jane Paterson Basil



One of MY favorites:

Only Dreaming

your dream
plump and rosy
atop the threatening void
and you long to
keep it, to be
touched by it, to be
saved by it
so you
strain to give it
a waking life and
this time
it slides out
in one piece
but it is
less fleshy
more messy than
you expected
it is, after all
not the baby
only the afterbirth

©Jane Paterson Basil