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solitudeSince Friday is my day for poetry, I have to add a reblog from Harula over at Wordsthatserve. Such a talent! I love that she shared her reasoning for writing this cluster of poems. Do stop by and read them in their entirety. She’s a terrific writer.


Solitude (1)

Soaking it up

On a lone walk through the woods

Leaving the choice of direction to

Intuition and wise, willing feet

Taking my time to listen

Underneath my chattering mind

Deep within to a voice that’s too shy until

Everyone but the trees has gone

Solitude (2)

Scared to face the layers

Of boredom, fear, confusion, that

Loudly proclaim ‘we’re social animals!’

In the hope of avoiding

That meeting with self, soul, stillness

Up goes the volume on the TV

Don’t people get punished for serious crimes by

Enforced solitary confinement?

Solitude (3)

So it’s time to make (another) cup of tea

Over an hour, I’m sure, since the last

Let it brew for a few

It’s not like there’s any rush

They’re so busy you know

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