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Roberta Allen’s prompt in the Sandbox Writing Challenge this week wants to know:

What other worlds entice you?

The first thing that came to mind was some place exotic like the Hawaiian Islands.


The second place was the Celtic lands of the UK: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales.


So as I sat here the day I posted the prompt trying to figure out which “world” would suit me best, it dawned on me that neither of them was what “world” meant to me in that context. I guess for me it means more the immediate vicinity in which I live. Which made NO sense to me until I started thinking of the places I HAVE lived.

My family moved here to Utah from Ohio when I was 12. I STILL consider Ohio my home. But I have to admit that when we go back to visit it darn near drives me nuts to stay there for very long. The town I’m from is kind of a ghost town now that a lot of the industry has dried up and moved out. And the pace of life (actually even before that happened) is so slow I’m climbing the walls the day we get there. I’m always so eager to come home. I need a certain amount of stimulation to keep my blood pumping.

On the other hand, I realized I could never be happy if the pendulum swung the other way and I had to live in a city like New York or L.A. Those places are just too bloomin’ big and hectic. I couldn’t take a steady dose of such frantic living. I’d be anxiety ridden continually. Even Salt Lake City, which is much smaller than either of those places, feels too complicated and foreign to me sometimes.

So all things considered I guess I’m in the kind of “world” I need to be in. There’s enough going on in Ogden to keep a person busy, but for those times when I long for something more invigorating, Salt Lake is only 40 miles or so away.

That being the case I really didn’t have to choose between Hawaii or the UK because I’m sure there are towns in those places that fit the same bill perfectly! I think the draw to both of them for me is the way the past cultures are so tied to nature and mysticism. I’m really drawn to the connection between the earth and the heavens no matter where I end up.



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