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sunset-2828_960_720.jpgThis made me sad today. But it was so beautiful I had to reblog it. You’ve got such a gift, Jane…

Making it write


in the air between
the High street chatter, the cafe clatter
the girls that giggle, the toddlers that wriggle
the drunks that stagger, the studs that swagger
the shop window scene where mannequins preen

in the air between
the Christians that preach, the beggars that reach
the ice-cream man, the delivery van
the boys that slouch, the addicts that gouch
the political tracts with their questionable facts

our souls meet

and drift

to a distant island made of you and I

when we hear the echoes of the day
whispering in our ears
we think it is merely the sigh of a wayward wind

we smile indulgently
and we kiss

©Jane Paterson Basil

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