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The Seeker stood on the shore for a short time watching the dolphins cavorting with the humans, then thought it best to return to the balcony and her conversation with the Page. But as she turned she saw further along the shore where the countryside heaved to a tall ridge. A beautiful waterfall draped itself over the high crag, flowing like a bridal veil down the side of the sloping hill.

unnamedAs she walked toward the falls she saw a young woman in a pink dress siting beneath them, her long tawny brown hair falling over her shoulders. The woman looked happy and content, even grateful as she pondered nine large goblets that were arranged around her. They overflowed with pineapples, apples, strawberries and cherries. There were nectarines, tomatoes, and watermelons, all of them golden and ripe. And from each cup the water of life poured forth to join with that of the falls and flow into the sea.

It wasn’t until she was very near the Seeker noticed the young woman was sitting on the same white lily on which the girl in her vision in the temple had danced. Perfectly dry, she was engulfed in the fragrance of the flower. The same fragrance that had permeated the Hall of Gathering. Suddenly the Seeker realized this was yet another vision.

She was puzzled. She had assumed it was the fragrant aphrodisiac of the lily that had kept the initiates in the temple content and obedient. There they did not mix with the outsiders. They kept to themselves, guarding the sacred scrolls and performing their required rituals each day. But this place, thought the Seeker, had seemed different. Here everyone, commoners and elders alike, mingled together joyfully and shared all they had with one another. Was it possible they, too, were under the influence of the mysterious white lily?

The Angel’s comment echoed through the Seeker’s mind.

“They are yet like children swimming in the waters of life, still learning about the love of the Creator as are all in the village. And still wanting to keep that love to themselves like a pearl of great price.”

Confused, the Seeker turned back toward the steps to look for the Page. She found her still sitting on the balcony wall looking out over the blue-green sea, day-dreaming.

“I thought perhaps you’d be gone,” she said, settling next to the Page.

“But why?” the girl replied. “I’ve studied the scrolls already today. I hardly need to read them anymore. I know them by heart. My memory is quite good. I’m often called upon to read and speak in our ritual services.” The Page smiled, obviously pleased with herself.

“But then what do you DO with that knowledge?” asked the Seeker.

“Like all disciples, we share the commands with any who pass through our village. We also share the abundance the Creator supplies for our daily needs. Beyond that our only duties are to tend to the buildings, the chapel, and make sure the children are raised in the faith.”

The Seeker frowned. The knowledge and wisdom of the Creator were great treasures indeed. And yet here, again, she had found a people who were content to keep those treasures to themselves. She found no hunger here to know the Creator nor the Creation more fully, and she knew in her heart this was not a place where she could be happy.

© Cheryl D. Carter

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Picture Credit — personal (see also www.aeclectic.net)