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Further conversation with the Page left the Seeker more confused than ever. In her heart she had been certain she would find disciples like herself once she left the temple mount. Disciples who wanted to know not just about the Creator, but know the Creator more fully.

The Page grew concerned at the Seeker’s continued questioning. Finally she commented on the lateness of the afternoon, and that supper would be served shortly.

“I can see,” she said, “you’re struggling inside. You’ve not found what you’re looking for here. It’s too late for you to continue on your journey. Please stay the night and sup with us. Then on the morrow you can break your fast and be on your way.”

The Seeker had to admit she was tired, and more than a little disappointed. “That would be lovely,” she said. “The walk down the mountain was tiring.”

And so the Page excused herself to make arrangements for lodging for the weary visitor.

20160618_132123CAs the Seeker sat on the wall gazing out over the darkening sea pondering all she’d learned from the Page, she felt several somethings brush her cheek as they flew by her head. Thinking them to be bugs of some kind, she was amazed to look up and see eight wands like those at the Stone Circle of Blessing in flight over the countryside toward the distant mountain range rising higher and higher toward the sun, their golden orbs reflecting the fading light. How odd, she thought. I wonder where they’re going…

Just then she noticed a flock of birds in the sky. There were eight small sparrows gathered around a larger bird, an eagle. The sparrows flew round and round the eagle, worrying it on all sides. Closer and closer they flew until they were practically over the balcony. Suddenly the eagle let go a distressed cry that was nearly swallowed up in the rushing of its wings, “Follow the wands! Follow the wands!” And with that the birds rose above the building and were lost from sight.

The Seeker was unnerved and agitated. She wondered at the warning. Should she stay the night or should she go? She retrieved her own wand from where she’d set it near the balcony door when they’d come to speak with the Page and was almost convinced of the need to be off on her journey regardless of the hour. But just then the Page reappeared and the bell in the village rang calling all to supper. It seemed the decision had been made for her.

© Cheryl D. Carter

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Picture Credit — personal (see also www.aeclectic.net)