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Hi ya’ll! Last week was a GREAT week! We had some new folks join us and that’s always so much fun. Today I have ideas running around in my head for Raili’s Circle of Friends Challenge and I nearly forgot to put this up! How many weeks does it take to make a habit???

Anyway!!! Today Roberta Allen has a prompt that may be similar to something we’ve done before. I’ve noticed here at the end of the book there are a few that seem that way. Reading ahead to her last comments she makes the point that when we’re in different places, our answers may be different, and that’s one reason she’s thrown a few of them in more than once, I assume. So if any of you look back through your stuff and find something similar, please do share with us what, if anything, might be different about what you choose! The same goes for any similar prompts you notice. That would be interesting.

So! Onward and upward!!! Today Roberta Allen wants to know something very simple:

light-bulb-technology-and-business-by-prophotostock-d7114sxWhat inspires you?

My first thought, of course, is the mountains outside our kitchen window. But I’m wondering what are some of the not quite so “in your face” things that lift me out of myself. I’ve got to put some thought into this one!

As always, remember to include the link to this post on YOUR blog post. Or if your response isn’t overly long, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. And please feel free to interpret the prompt however you wish: memoirs, poems, pictures, etc.

If you would like to see the previous prompts, they’re listed in the menu at the top of the blog in The Sandbox Writing Challenge. But please feel free to just jump in wherever we are at the moment! After all, the prompts are really for YOU to get to know YOURSELF. (Posts from past prompts you wish to tackle will always be added to the current week’s challenge page.)

Now get out there and stand under a light bulb for a while and see what you come up with! I look forward to reading your “Inspiring” posts!!!



Picture Credit:
Light bulbs —  www.biospectrumindia.com
Inspire — www.communication-architect.com

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