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Do you ever wonder why you choose one word over another? Is it sort of like heading out to go into town and having to decide which route would be the busiest for that time of day? Or is there something more personal about words?


The Daily Post prompt for today is Voyage, and when I saw it, it struck me as strange that I chose to build this blog around the theme of SPELUNKING rather than VOYAGING.

Some facts:
— I love ships, especially clipper ships. They’re so romantic and free.
— I dislike caves as they’re confining. They’re damp and stinky.
— You can go places on a ship.
— A cave will usually lead you to nowhere but a dead end.
— On a ship you can feel the wind blowing in your face. There’s fresh air to breathe.
— In a cave the air is probably pretty stagnant unless you have direct ventilation.
— Lots of people can congregate on a ship.
— How many of your friends would WANT to sit with you in cave?

Well, you get my point. There’s a BIG difference. Just sayin’. So I’m wondering why I chose to spend my days in a cave… I just signed up for the Intermediate Customization course at Blogging U (which is giving me fits because my blog options don’t work the way the course says they should). It urges you to think about redoing your theme. It has me wondering now if it’s time to come out of that cave and take off on a voyage.

But truth be told, I guess whichever theme I choose, it’s all about the journey, eh? Besides, I am so TOTALLY smitten with the picture in my header. I wish I could just step into that picture and keep going on that trail. Maybe it leads to a harbor with lots of ships where I could stow away for the next leg of my adventure!. 😀

Picture a Journey

(reposted from 4/26/15)

Sometimes I come to this blog page
and stare, mesmerized, at the header.
That soft light there over the rise
beckons me to come hither
into the picture, into a journey.

Is it just the sun shining down
through the leafy parasol of
trees whose trunks have grown
tall and thin and bare from their inability
to permeate, penetrate that
dainty, dense, divine canopy?

Or is there something ethereal,
celestial that’s calling my heart
to that age-old quest for adventure,
for self-discovery, a perpetual longing?

It matters not whatever it be
for I’m grounded in THIS reality
where quests and pilgrimages
are for dreamers and flights of fancy,
not for those who are struggling
just to get by another day.

So here I sit staring into a world
that calls my name in vain
able only to close my eyes
and imagine the smell of mold
beneath the fallen leaves
crunching under my boots
as I begin my journey,
the biting taste of autumn
adding a sense of urgency
to my footsteps on the
well-worn, dusty trail.

And just there over my shoulder
I can hear the wise counsel of a
familiar voice calling through the woods:

“It’s a dangerous business,
Calen, going out your door.
You step onto the road,
and if you don’t keep your feet,
there’s no knowing where
you might be swept off to.”*

That’s when I open my eyes
and the picture is just a picture,
and the golden glow I see
is just the lamp on the
table across the room.

But there are times I wonder
if I’d ever be brave enough
to step into that intriguing scene
onto that unknown, inviting path
and just keep going,
never to look back…

*Bilbo Baggins, Fellowship of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien


Picture Credit: www.artbrokerage.com