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Poet’s Corner is a special feature where I invite local Word Press poets to be highlighted on my blog. Special welcome this week to LuAnne Holder from Wind Rush!

LuAnne Holder

Annie3I am embracing my early retirement by following a life dream to write and write and write. My professional careers centered on writing and education in some combination – writing professor, instructional designer, tech writer, English teacher. I sprinkled in writing for pleasure when I found spare time between work, raising kids, hiking, being a responsible adult and zumba. Now that I am retired, though, I seem to write every day, journaling with my morning coffee, polishing poems in the afternoon, and meeting with writer’s groups at night.

Writing encourages me to notice details, physical details of nature, social details of daily interactions, and spiritual details of trying to live a connected life within this astounding universe. I started blogging about a year ago to share my musings and have been so blessed with new friendships established here in the blogosphere. I am grateful for Lady Calen’s invitation to be a guest here with her circle of friends.

Poets-CornerI’m a recent “convert”. 😀 to LuAnne’s poetry. I’m so glad I stumbled on her blog, Wind Rush. Please do go by and have a read of her wonderful words. THIS poem is my favorite so far, followed by a couple of LuAnne’s favorites. Enjoy!

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Addition Problem   

You ask me to solve for the answer
to the problem of x plus y.
What do you mean the answer?

There is no the answer.
It’s just an illusion of permanence.
By the time I measure y
the x has already changed.

It’s like trying to measure a shadow
cast against a sun lit field
on a day when cumulus puffs float
across a Caspian sky.

Don’t ask me to give you the answer.
when there are millions of answers
and no answer at all,
simultaneously, always.

Don’t ask me to cling to a now that is fleeting;
ask me to embrace the movement.



It’s a kind of gracious spirit, I think
how a door mat welcomes with passage and pause
where sneakers and high heels and muddy work boots
can dally a bit before moving through.

It’s a kind of a generous spirit, I think
how a tea cup accepts whatever I pour
be it Earl Grey or Rooibos or even some cocoa
it fulfills its receptive service.

It’s a kind of patient spirit, I think
how paper waits to drink from my pen
then listens at length to both sonnets and scribbles
in hopes of inscribing an inkling of insight.


Collective Awakening

With eyes closed and lips warmed
I give thanks for this moment of indulgence
luxuriating in my first sip.

I imagine a circle of unaware friends
scattered worldwide and even next door
in unison savoring this pleasure.

I am grateful to share this pulse of connection
and envision our spirits in a great cosmic web
rising like swirls of steam from our hearts
as together we awaken to taste a new day.


Picture Credit: parisplay.squarespace.com