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The next moment the Seeker found herself in a second tall chamber. The room itself glowed in a soft lavender light filled with clouds and stars much as the vision of the world. But in the center of the room sat a large spinning Wheel on a marble pedestal. The outer rim of the wheel was inscribed with the twelve signs of the zodiac. She could only guess they were meant to connect the Wheel to all of time and space.

20160703_185351Inside the Wheel the rays of a golden sun transformed themselves into eight spokes. Four colors pulsed from beneath the spokes — blue, green, red, and yellow, a color for each of the four seasons. The Seeker recognized the spokes as representing the eight pagan holidays honoring the seasonal changes. A large green snake was woven over and under the spokes, its head attempting to swallow his tail. This Wheel, she assumed, represented all the cycles of life. The cycles of Mother Earth, and her own cycles as well she suspected.

“This is where it begins.”

Startled by the voice, the Seeker looked up. Above the Wheel sat a golden Sphinx with wings spread out to its sides.

“I beg your pardon?” she replied.

“You were wondering where your new life would begin,” said the Sphinx, its eyes turning toward the Seeker. “It begins here. Spin the Wheel. Watch and learn as time passes. You are at a turning point in your life and the Wheel holds the secrets of your future. It is time for the Seeker to awaken.”

Though excited and hungry for knowledge, the Seeker was also frightened. The Wheel unnerved her. It was unpredictable. Wherever it landed she knew she would have to accept and adapt to her destiny. Would she find the Creator there? Yet she hesitated only momentarily, then took hold of the Wheel and gave it a spin. She held her breath as it spun round and round coming to rest at last on the sign of Gemini.

“This then is your sign,” said the Sphinx, its eyes wide with knowledge. “The twins. Your personality will be made manifest in two sides. One sociable and communicative, ready to embrace all the good life has to offer; the other serious, thoughtful, restless, and even indecisive. Thus your journey will be difficult. There will be good cycles as well as bad. You may not find the answers you seek, but do not be discouraged for adversity is part of life. Remember that nothing is permanent; everything changes. And most importantly know that the purpose of your soul will be revealed on your journey.”

With that the Sphinx closed its eyes and grew silent.

Somewhat shaken, the Seeker frowned and repeated to herself the prophecy of the Sphinx. She felt in her heart it would be important later on.

Suddenly the mist began to clear and before her stood a red-haired woman in a brown cape carrying a wand like the ones which had flown past her in the village. At her side stood six others. “Follow the wands!” the bird had cried. Well, she thought, I have found them…

© Cheryl D. Carter

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Picture Credit — personal (see also www.aeclectic.net)