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F-Inqueue-SE-Announcements-Petersen-Dale-jpgWe went to a funeral today. Dale had been a good friend of ours for nearly 40 years. Our kids grew up together. We went to the same small church until it grew SO small we decided to give our building fund to various charities and close the church. That seems to be the fate of more and more small churches these days. That was back in 2003.

When I was sitting there in the service today with all those folks from CRC whom we hadn’t seen for so long, it just felt to me that had been another world. The thought tickled my fancy I guess. It made me realize I’ve been a part of many micro worlds in my life.

I wondered what micro worlds would look like if I diagrammed them. The ones I’ve been involved with since I got married anyway. So I drew a circle labeled me in the middle of a paper and then drew circles for every micro world I’ve been a part of.

  • Family
  • Bran and Stef’s school activities (cabby)
  • CRC (church/secretary)
  • New Life Christian Academy (teacher)
  • Ogden School District (tutor)
  • CUMC (church)
  • RCA Warranty Division (Office Manager)
  • Copy Express (Manager)
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center (counselor)
  • H&R Block (receptionist)
  • Utah State University (secretary)
  • Care Ministry (caregiver)`

many-worlds-head-625x350It was interesting to observe those worlds fell into three basic categories: kids, customers, and religion. I guess until I noticed that on the paper I thought I’d had a pretty diverse life. But maybe not. That, in turn made me wonder if there is some guiding force that steers us into certain tracks for our lives. (Yes, I KNOW I’m SUPPOSED to believe that since I claim to be a “Christian” — but I spend half my time in the agnostic camp so I have plenty of questions.)

Anyway, just out of idle curiosity (since I’m not even sure this post will make sense to anyone but me), do any of you feel like you’ve been pigeon-holed into certain avenues in your life? Or am I just imagining things? What if no matter how much we want to do or be a certain thing we can’t because it’s off track? (Which means your parents and teachers were full of it when they told you you could be anything you set your mind to when you grew up!) How many of us spend tons of time beatin’ our heads against a brick wall trying to be something that’s not in the cards? 

Ok. Done ranting like a crazy lady now. embarrassed smiley



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