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579134e145d38Have you ever had one of those days when life just totally takes you by surprise and smacks you in the face and you sit around and ask yourself “Why?” I had one today. I got to church and was shocked to find out I had missed my friend Mona’s funeral service. I hadn’t gotten the information because I had failed to check my old email address. I’ve been heartsick all day knowing I didn’t get to visit with her family whom I’ve heard so much about and prayed for over the years but never met. Sometimes life just doesn’t play fair…

Mona’s obituary said in part:

Mona spent much of her life caring for others, living life to the fullest, and always was ready for the next adventure. She loved being with family and friends, loved to read, to travel, and was an avid Utah Jazz fan. Mona was always there for her family and friends, and will always be remembered for her caring, compassion, and her positive attitude about life. Everyone loved Mona and she will truly be missed.

Yes. That was my friend Mona…