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Hirst, Claude Raguet-735686He finally did it! I’ve been tormenting S.T. trying to talk him into doing a haiku. Just LOOK what he did! FIVE of them! Totally, freakin’ awesome, pal!

The Happy Nerd

Challenge to pen a haiku, a form I’ve never explored, my pen led me to the following lines. How did I do?  Each stanza is haiku(ish).

There is a Gentle Space

There is a gentle
space that rests between the words
scrathed on an old book’s

tired, brown pages
words rubbed with earth’s sweet soil, soft
and dark, blessed with blood,

villians and heroes,
the battles of old, a warm
space where children pause

to wonder and dream:
a symphony of valiant
swords that clash against

a bones of vile beasts,
monsters that would filch their sleep:
shivers, quakes, and dread.

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