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So our daughter Stef and her entourage (four little ones under 6 — three of them boys!) got in yesterday. Managed to get then home by 6:00 and were so pooped out we ordered pizza. We have a VERY small house, so sleeping arrangements were wall-to-wall in the TV, but they were all so beat we didn’t hear a peep out of them all night..

Then this morning we were up at 6:30 and made eggs, bacon, waffles with strawberries for breakfast. They were borrowing our OLD Suburban (which gets 10 mpg) to drive up to see the other grandparents in Idaho for a week before coming back here to stay for a week.

Stainless-Steel-font-b-Mini-b-font-Ballon-font-b-Wire-b-font-font-b-WhiskYou know, I don’t think we ever truly realize how much our kids watch us as they’re growing up. Stef was 7 when we adopted her. She was beating eggs for me this morning with a wire whisk and she waxed all sentimental. She said, “I used to love watching you use this whisk. I never could figure out how you made it work. Now Caleb watches me the same way.” She kind of leaned over and snuggled a bit.

Who would have thought something as mundane as whisking eggs, of all things, could make a mom feel all gushy inside and be a bonding thing. It was just so normal.

I’ve missed all the firsts in her life except her wedding. We haven’t been there for any of her births, any of the first words, steps, birthdays of the kiddos. That’s always made me feel very sad. But it’s moments like this morning when I’m aware that the bond is still there between us that kind of makes it all ok.

wire whisk

whisk goes round and round
two hearts blended into one
mother-daughter bond



Stef and baby Lydia Rose 



Ethan, Liam, Jesse, Caleb, and Lydia
(Caleb’s the one you gotta watch out for. He’s one busy little dude!!!)


Picture Credit:
whisk — www.aliexpress.com