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So in this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge Roberta Allen wants to know what game the little girl is playing with you, and what games do you play with others? I had to chuckle at Opher’s comment! I think there might be more than a few of us that are hiding from the consequences of a Trump president!

But I gotta say, I don’t know whether to feel pleased that I can answer this challenge or scared of it! After all, I AM 65. Aren’t we supposed to grow up as we get older??? o_O At any rate, I can think of at least two games I’m really good at playing with others.

The first one is Sentence Scrabble (though some call it Can You Read My Mind?). I learned this later in life, like after I married Drollery. Here’s how you play. I dump a bunch of words out on a “conversation table” between Droll and me, and he’s supposed to put them together in a coherent pattern that means he KNOWS what I’m thinking. Needless to say, it’s a game that can cause trouble as most folks, especially spouses, can’t read your bloomin’ mind! I’m getting better at being up front about what I need or want, but it’s taken 45 years of marriage to get there!



The other one I’m really good at is Hide & Seek. But it’s not your typical Hide & Seek. I’ve been playing it as long as I can remember. Though I think blogging has helped with this one a little. Here’s a poem I wrote about it a long time ago…


“Hide your eyes against the tree,
count to 10 then come find me!”
At hiding I was always best,
but I could never find the rest…
So I would seek both far and long
until “I give” became my song.
And then with eyes cast down in shame,
I’d sigh and say, “It’s just a game.”

But games that we can never win
have ways of hurting us again,
and to my sorrow now I find
this game’s become a friend of mine.
I play it now inside my heart
instead of in the yard or park.
And tho’ it’s hidden from your view
I play it every day with you.

I see you there beneath your tree
and offer you the gift of me.
And then embarrassed by my words
I pray you haven’t even heard.
I hide by rock or bench and wait
to see if you will hesitate.
The problem is you do not know
that I am hurting inside so.

No doubt you often wonder why
I give my heart then run and hide.
Confused and tired you walk away
perhaps to play another day.
And that is when I count the cost:
another “playmate” I have lost.
And crouching in my hiding place,
sorrow fills my tear-stained face.

How do I stop this stupid game
that causes me such anxious pain?
What must I do to get it right,
to bring my fears into the light,
that you might know me as I am
and I, in turn, might take your hand
and finally set my heart at peace
and stop this game of Hide & Seek.

So there you have it. Two of the games I’m good at! And what games do YOU like to play???


Picture Credits:
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