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I was going to sit on this one till Monday, but then I realized my daughter and her clan will be back here tomorrow for a week. They flew in on Tuesday then drove up to Idaho to see Jesse’s parents. Besides, I knew the minute I posted it what the answer is for me. Though it may surprise you.

cattle(Picture Calen ridin’ her trusted horsey behind a herd of longhorn cattle, crackin’ her whip over their backs, hollerin’, “Ye ha! Git along little doggies!!!” That’s what this prompt reminded me of.)

I realize there can be a great many things that give us a boost and encourage us to move along in life. Like Emily Dickinson’s quote in my “How do you define hope?” post.ย But in all honesty the biggest motivator in my life is fear. If I fear something I will, at the very least, move the heck out of the way! It’s fear that gets me up in the morning because I’m afraid if I don’t get up I’ll just lay there and give up on trying to have some sort of satisfying life.

So that’s it for me. Simple, eh? The answer to what keeps me movin’ is just plain fear. For me it’s one heck of a motivator. Any number of fears may hogtie me sooner or later, but by criminy they gotta catch me first! And that means gettin’ my keister out of bed everyday and gettin’ on with life!. ๐Ÿ˜€

(I just can’t resist throwin’ this in!. ๐Ÿ˜€ )


Picture Credit:ย infogr.am

Sandbox Writing Challenge #51 — Movin’ On!