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The Seeker sat with Joy a while longer, then excused herself to go walk in the formal gardens. Her heart was at peace and within her she felt the seeds of a new beginning for her life take root. As she walked along the bricked path she came upon a statue sitting in a stone niche. It was of a beautiful young woman dressed in a flowing white robe. Before her she held a golden sword, its hilt made of two half moons with a golden sun attached to the double-edged blade. The statue looked very life-like though her face showed no expression. A pointed crown rested on her golden hair. The Seeker noticed that everything about the stature shined with an inner light.

But what drew her attention was a set of legal balance scales hanging from the sides of the hilt. She wondered what they were supposed to be weighing, for both of the pans were empty. Looking down at the pedestal on which the statue stood, the Seeker read the word JUSTICE. She had read about these scales in her studies. She knew that when the pans were even whatever was being weighed was in balance as it should be.

After a few moments she would have walked on, but suddenly the statue spoke. “You are curious, Seeker, about the empty scales.”

“Why yes, I am. What are they supposed to be weighing?”

“The scales are here for your self-examination, Seeker. They symbolize the search for truth amid the confusion of ideas prevalent in our world. It is you who must weigh what that truth is for your life. You must learn to be objective. In relations with others, non-judgmental, and not overly critical. Only by experiencing your higher self, by living the truths you have learned, will you discover the purpose for your life.”

The Seeker was unsure of what she needed to do. She had felt so peaceful when she entered the garden, now she felt anxious and uncertain. As she waited for instructions, the scales began to tip slightly as a ruby stone carved in the shape of a heart appeared in one of the pans. She gasped in surprise.

“This is your heart, Seeker. The heart is where we cherish all that is important to us. If your heart is weighted down with unforgiveness, arrogance, and other emotions that are contrary to the King’s Law of Love, your journey will be far more difficult. How heavy is your heart, child?”

The Seeker’s brow furrowed not knowing quite what to say. “Truly I believe my heart is good and kind. I know there are times I’ve failed the Law of Love on this journey. But Spirit promised me the King loves me in spite of my shortcomings, and knows that I will never be perfect.” She looked down as though embarrassed. “I need to accept that, too. But my quest is to live by that Law to the best of my ability. And that I am prepared to do.”

“Then step forward, Seeker. Place your hand on the hilt of the sword and let us see the true weight of your heart.”

20160810_215601The Seeker stepped up onto the pedestal and placed her right hand on the sword where the moons joined the hilt. The air over the empty pan began to shimmer, and suddenly a white feather floated out of the air and settled onto the scale. As the Seeker watched, the heart stone began to rise and finally came to rest exactly in line with the feather. “Oh my! What does it mean?” she asked JUSTICE.

“It means that your heart is pure, true and loyal, and that your journey will reach its conclusion just as it was meant to. Now take these reminders with you so that in your times of need and alarm you will remember you have all the tools you need to reach your journey’s end, just as Joy has foretold.”

With that the statue went still again. The Seeker stepped down from the pedestal and took the feather and the heart stone from the scales. She would keep them in her pack and treasure them always. She smiled as she walked on knowing she had found the right path for her journey, and in truth her heart did feel as light as a feather.

© Cheryl D. Carter

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