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So as the Seeker is getting ready to leave the Realms of Faith and strike out into the Unknown Realms (or some such thing), and since several people have asked, I think I’ll finally explain how this all happened…

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

One day Fimnora Westcaw and I were having a conversation about her tarot cards. She’s quite good at reading them. She wanted me to a see the site where she gets her cards from, so I got on here with her and went to visit www.aeclectic.net. While I was browsing around I found a deck of cards with the most beautiful pictures. They reminded me so much of John William Waterhouse’s paintings which I love. The name of the deck was Thelema. The artwork was by Renata Lechner. I fell in love with them. The pictures really spoke to me. So after thinking about it a few days, I ordered a deck.

20160510_151232 (1)Crop 2Once I had them I thought what in the world am I going to do with them? But when I got them out to look through I became so enamored with the first card, The Fool, that I KNEW I had to write a story about her. I had no idea for a plot. The only thing I knew was she seemed to be leaving what looked like a cathedral. And since she had a walking stick, she must be going on a journey. And something in my heart told me she was a Seeker.

I laughed it off and put the cards away, but the urge to write a story was so strong. It didn’t seem so strange to me. After all a lot of us use pictures for prompts all the time. I knew it had to be a fantasy-type story given all the symbolism in the cards. So when I couldn’t leave them alone any longer, I got that first card out and began to write. I had to use it twice to set up some backstory, but I was nervous about drawing the second card anyway. I didn’t know if it would fit in with what I had written.

Finally, though, I bit the bullet. I shuffled the cards, spread them out, and drew a random card. Then with that card I wrote the next piece of the story. And so the Seeker’s journey commenced. And that is how the story has been built, one card at a time chosen randomly from the deck.

Now the strangest thing has happened as I’ve written this story. It has turned out to parallel my own spiritual journey quite closely. I found myself actually articulating and defining what my spiritual beliefs are. It has seemed very mysterious to me. I’ve “written” the first 25 cards, but there are a total of 78. That seems overwhelming to me. And I can’t imagine what more I could have to say.


In the piece I’m getting ready to post, the Seeker is going off to deal with real life. I have no clue what to expect. The one thing I do know is it must turn into something with a little more story to it. And likely with more than one card in each piece. At least that’s my guess. I’m not sure I could stop writing it now. I’m kind of OBSESSED to get to the end and see what happens. To see if the Seeker finds her Creator — or possibly not!

This story is something that I’m writing for myself because I feel compelled to. It has a deeper meaning for me than just a fantasy story written from my imagination. This is my own personal journey. By posting it I’ve invited you all to come along, and thank you for your feedback. It has been interesting to hear what you think. Will I DO anything with it if I actually get it done? I have no bloomin’ clue.

The one thing I DO know is that the philosophy that the Seeker has learned in the story is exactly what I believe. This has been an interesting way to interpret my faith. And everything in me tells me this is a journey I must make if I am to truly know myself…

What has YOUR journey been like? `


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