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Upon reaching the center of the formal gardens, the Seeker found the most beautiful fountain. It was a golden chalice out of which poured the Waters of Life. The Water splashed and bubbled in the mouth of the cup as it flowed in cascading veils down into the pool where it fell upon a bed of beautiful lotus flowers.

20160810_215639Her lessons had begun to open her mind and her heart, and she believed she knew what the flowers represented. They were all the faiths of the world, all the people in all their diversity just as the Creator had made them. None of them were perfect, none of them had all the truth. But rained upon by the Waters of Life they were able to come together and live in peace and harmony. The Seeker herself could bear witness to the flow of that Living Water. Her own life had begun to change from the moment she had received a sip from the King.

Lowering herself to a stone bench, she closed her eyes and listened to the music of the Water. She could feel the softness of the feather in one hand and the hardness of the ruby heart in the other. Always she must remember that she was neither hard nor soft, dark nor light, but both at once. That was the balance she needed to find. That was where her spiritual awakening had led her and would be the seat of her spiritual energy.

Suddenly she felt a warmth on her face and she opened her eyes to find the storm clouds had parted and the sun’s golden rays were shining full on the fountain. And there hovering above the bubbling Water was her friend the dove.

“Peace I bring to you from the King. The peace that no other can give you.”

“I most humbly thank you, friend. And I send the King my greetings.”

“And so, Seeker, you have come to the next part of your journey where you will use your gift of understanding to forge connections in the greater world outside the Realms of Faith.”

“What will I find there, friend?”

“As you can see, the chalice cannot hold all the Creator has made. In the outside realms of the world you will find many would-be Seekers like yourself who have not the understanding or motivation to follow their own quests. But through your friendships with them they may also fulfill their purposes in this life. But beware, there are others who have no use for the Creator, no desire to know the Holy One. You will have to practice patience, perseverance, and love for they are all the children of the divine as well. Let the emotions of Love bubble from your being just as the Water bubbles from the chalice. Use your intuition and follow your inner light.”

The Seeker lifted her face to the sun’s warming rays. They promised a new beginning for the day, just as they promised a new beginning for her life — the awakening of the human spirit.

“I must go now, Seeker. I bid you farewell and send my blessings before you into the World.”

“Will I see you again?”

The beautiful white dove fluttered her wings near the Seeker’s face as if to touch her cheek. “Perhaps, if it be the Creator’s will.” And with that she flew on her way toward the window of the Queen’s room.

The Seeker had much to meditate on before leaving the Realms of Faith. She felt the need to busy her hands so to free her mind. Quickly she returned to the house, and after seeing her treasures placed safely in her pack, she went out to the kitchen garden and began to pull what the others said were weeds. There she found the respite the Queen had promised.

© Cheryl D. Carter

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Picture Credit — personal (see also www.aeclectic.net)