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Roberta Allen wanted to know in the Sandbox Writing Challenge #52 this week:

Where are you going? 
Where would you like to be in five years?


I am SO on board with Raili on this one. Well, at least the first part. More and more Where-Are-You-GoingI’m seeing that life is a journey, not a destination. And like Raili, I have NO bloomin’
clue where I’m going. After all, as Confucius said:

No matter where you go, there you are!!!

I’m more apt to be able to tell you where I’m NOT going. Like Bran talked us into watching the movie “Everest” with him Saturday night. I can now say with total certainty I’m DEFINITELY not going anywhere NEAR that mountain (nor any other climbing mountain for that matter!). Other than answering  the question in hindsight like that, I have no idea where I’ll be off to next — though I doubt it will be very far from home.

As for part two, that one is a little more concrete for me. Drollery is playing around with the date for when he wants to retire. Unfortunately we keep pushing it back. But five years would give us time to have our car and house paid off and be nearly debt free (except for a Penny’s bill and a Lowe’s bill — you always need underwear and band-aids for the house!). Hopefully it will happen sooner than that, but five years should give us plenty of time to get our finances sorted out.

That’s become very important to us. My sister retired three years ago, her husband the year after that. They are five/six years younger than us and fairly well situated financially. They had such big plans to travel and possibly relocate. But then right after Cindy retired Greg got sick. After months of poking and prodding the docs realized he had lung cancer, and just like that all their plans were put on hold. Now, permanently.

RetirementHomeIt’s been a good lesson for me and Drollery. We’ve decided we don’t want to wait till he retires for us to have a life! So even if it means pushing that date back further still, it’s time he and I started living a little. To that end, we’ve booked a cruise around the British Isles for next September come retirement or not!


I’ve come away from this question realizing the timeline isn’t important, the getting on with living is…


Picture Credits:
Direction sign — timemanagementninja.com
Retirement sign — refe99.com
Ireland — kingofwallpapers.com