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My Poetry Journal of Friends’ Work

What do you do with old poems? I don’t mean poems that poets wrote ages and ages ago or even poems I wrote when I was young. Tonight I’ve been reading through a journal of poems I’ve collected over the years. Poems written by friends on other sites who gave me permission to copy their work into a journal.

Some of the work goes clear back to 2003. I haven’t read through it in a while, but it brings back so many memories of folks who have passed through my life. Some have stayed, some have gone, but all have left my heart touched by the beauty of their words.

It makes me sad to think of their words closed away there in my book, not being heard by other lovers of poetry. It seems such a waste. Like Elentari’s words (better known as Sharon Phillips). So I’m going to share a couple of them with you tonight.


In Silence

my love is dying tonight
though no one will ever see
the cracks that run swiftly
in spidery threads
across my aching soul
inside I’m screaming
in unquenched agony
my mind with maddening cries resounds
and no one will hear
a single sound



does anyone know
if hearts bleed
when they’re broken?
I only ask
because I think
mine may be leaking
just a little…