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Why is it you worry far less about your kids when they’re out of the house on their own than when they live with you — at 38? (The obvious answer, of course, is because you don’t know what they’re up to!) Bran had some training in Salt Lake until late last night. When he’s out like that, there’s just no way Drollery and I can fall asleep until we hear that front door open and close. I keep thinking, for cryin’ out loud, grow up! US not him. Well, yeah, he needs to grow up, too, and BE out on his own.

800px-Cute_boy_face_with_butterflyIt’s funny the things I think about when I’m lying there in bed listening for that key in the lock. Last night I was thinking about when Bran was six or seven and we’d go shopping or walk into town — especially walk into town. We’d be ambling along, me about ten feet in front of him, him stopped and bent over a bush marveling at a butterfly. He was a GREAT marveler. Easily distracted. And often I’d have to stop and wait and tell him to hurry up. In stores, in the library, the post office, you name it, he could always find something to fascinate him and I always ended up tapping my foot waiting.

Bran cropThing is, as I was remembering that last night, I thought about our trip to Walmart the other day. He hauls my butt around a lot because I don’t often have access to a car. I needed a few things so he ran me to the store. We get there and have to park out in the south forty and my old bod just doesn’t move all that fast anymore. So there he is, ten feet ahead of me, impatient to get on with it — though to his credit he’s never told me to get it in gear! The irony of it struck me.  In the store I’m checking stuff off my list but keep walking by things I forgot to add. So I’d stop and get them, and I could almost hear the hiss from his nose as he tried to be patient.

Can you say “What goes around, comes around?” I think they need to make a new soap opera for TV called “As The Tables Turn,” because that’s certainly what’s happened. People joke a lot about being kind to your kids because they’re the ones who will choose your rest home. I’m starting to think there’s something to that! LOL So heads up out there before it’s too late.. 😀

Love ya, Bran!!!.


Picture Credits:
Boy with butterfly — juztamom.blogspot.com
Brandon — moi