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Since my first foray into the world of internet in 1998, I’ve been collecting e-pals and addresses from all over the world. I’ve noticed that in Europe especially it seems to be customary for people to name their houses. You know, like Bilbo’s house, Bag End, in Lord of the Rings. (Well Tolkien WAS from Britain!)

So when his lordship and I got addicted to Downton Abbey, we decided, by golly, we ought to have a name for OUR Abbey Manor House, him being a lordship and all..πŸ˜€ So we thought and thought and finally came up with the perfect name given we are ALWAYS at our wits end as to how to keep those ends meeting from paycheck to paycheck! So we christened it…


And my sister made this lovely little sign for us. ONE of these days I’m going to get one of those large granite slabs with the name etched on it. Granite ought to make it feel more European, don’t you think?

So my question for you today is, if you were to give your abode a name, WHAT would it be?.πŸ˜€ Please do share it with us and tell us WHY you chose it!. πŸ˜‰


Picture Credit:
What’s in a Name —Β www.beyondsamba.org
Wits End Cottage — moi