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A friend told me once to take a comment I’d left on someone’s blog and make a poem out of it. This is a comment I included in my own Friday Favorites post. I decided I like it as a poem…








I figure there are
an awful lot of marriages
where the he’s and she’s
still love each other
but have built such
high walls between them
from the debris of their daily lives
that when they attempt to scale them
so as to reach out to the other,
they fall back down exhausted
from the effort on their own side.

Perhaps before folks get married
they ought to be required to take
classes in mountain climbing…
And issued climbing gear which
they keep in their closets just in case…
And oxygen masks because
the air on the top of their wall
is so thin, they never know when
it just might help them summit! 











Picture Credits:
She/He — annecohenwrites.com
Newton quote — www.pinterest.com