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You will have noticed by now that I’m off on a tangent lately! 😀 Well, here’s another odd-ball post! And no, I didn’t come up with this question. Found it in a book. 😀 (Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat).

Have you ever been in a place that you felt was “sick”? (A building, a room, an outdoor area…)  Describe its symptoms. How could you help it heal?

As odd as it seems, the question immediately took me back to my college days. The business college I attended was right downtown in amongst buildings like these… (Same street, different block.)


The place had not been renovated for Lord knows how long. It was dark inside in the hallways — the classrooms fared a little better — there were no outside windows except in the office area in the front of the building. It was the gawd-awfullest dingy building I’d ever been in. While I was going to school there I also worked in the office and the bookstore (which felt like a jail cell). On Saturdays I kept the office open by myself for students who needed to come in and do catchup-assignments in the machines room.

One of my most MEMORABLE moments there was after closing the office one Saturday afternoon then going down to the basement to do my own catching up. I knew the place like the back of my hand so didn’t bother to turn on the lights in hallway. Just as I was walking over a bump in the very UNEVEN basement floor, the bell went off for class (they didn’t turn them off on the weekends) and I found myself flat on my arse on that cold concrete floor. Scared the bloomin’ tar right out of me! Wasn’t expecting it.

Look at that! I had HAIR and he DIDN'T have a beard! :D (1972)

I HATED that building. And I think it literally made students ill and contrary. The low light, no windows, narrow hallways… It was just yuck! (Actually, the only good thing I got out of it was Drollery! Look at that! I had HAIR and he DIDN’T have a beard! 😀 (1972) Lordy! What an awful hairdo! I won’t let him shave his beard off now because I look like his mother! AND the kids (Bran and Stef) have NEVER seen him without it! LOL)

So much could have been done to “make that college campus (and I use the term loosely) well.” Florescent lighting the length of the halls, carpet up and down, artwork hung along the walls, walls taken out here and there to open up classrooms and make a bigger, student-friendly lounge, and at LEAST some fake greenery set here and there to make it feel like something was actually ALIVE in there.

Anyway, the question from the Brussat’s book quite captured my attention. Just thought I’d share it with you and see if anyone else has had a similar impression of somewhere they’d been…


Picture Credit:
Ogden, Utah — www.ogdencity.com
Us — J.C. Penny’s