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sacred autumn dawns
delighting all my senses
and reminding me
now is the beginning of
another life cycle’s end


large_fall-is-in-the-airIt’s beautiful outside this morning. The day is tinged with left over rain from before dawn and the temps are a bit nippy in the house. Autumn is definitely in the air. I’ve been thinking about Liz’s post over at The Garden Sanctuary, My Little Box of Comfort Things…Β In it she talks about some of the things that bring her comfort when she needs to chillax. Things of which “the essence reflects a calming sense of cosiness and feeling good.”

This is the time of year my mind turns to that, too. And I realized after reading her post that I haven’t taken a day to unwind since my daughter and her family left a couple weeks ago. I have a full week again this week. I spent the last two days volunteering at an elementary school helping one teacher with student assessments and another with a LOT of collating and stapling! Really enjoyed it. Have missed teaching — a little.. πŸ™‚ Thursday and Friday are full of errands and visiting, so today is my only chance to take it easy. (I’m ignoring the laundry and I will power sort the house exactly 18 minutes before his lordship walks in the door!)

teapotSo here I sit looking at about 100 emails… I have notebooks and such spread out on the kitchen table today instead of in my usual spot. I have a scented candle burning, soft music playing from YouTube, and a pot of Earl Grey tea next to the Chromebook, with my trusty JUST BREATHE cup at my elbow. (I LOVE my little two-cup tea pot!)

Liz has me thinking of all the heart-enhancing things I gather around me in the Autumn to prepare for the winter months. Candles, quiet cd’s, an assortment of dragonfly cups, hot drink mixes (flavored coffees, tea, hot chocolate, 20160914_101505apple cider), beaucoup throws and fleece blankets… And shawls! I LOVE shawls. They’re wonderful for just throwing about your shoulders like a hug. My favorite is from an epal in Portugal, a Christmas present one year. Oh, and can’t forget books! I also keep lots of journals around because I find myself reflecting a lot in the first months of the new year after the business of Christmas is out of the way.

Percival CropAnd heaven forbid I should forget Percy, my little Pack Rat traveling companion.. πŸ˜€ He’s great company. Very quiet little chap.

There are so many things that say comfort to me, that welcome me this time of year. This is my favorite season. The colors of the trees, the smells of wood fires in neighbors’ backyards roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. You can almost taste them. And when General Mapleon sheds his leaves for the winter, the scrunching of walking through them is like music, while his brittle leaves remind me that it’s the end of another life cycle.

What about you guys? What’s your favorite season, and what things do you run to when you need a comforting cuddle?