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To be honest, I think I’ve always considered life to be a problem I have to work through rather than a mystery. I am NOT a laid-back person. I’m mostly “high strung” (as my mom used to say).  And yet there ARE times when I find life IS a mystery rather than a problem. Death, for example. I can’t do anything about it but wonder what’s on the other side of the door. So I don’t spend a lot of time frettin’ over it. It’s a mystery to me and I’m content to let it be so.

But in pondering this question yesterday, I WAS able to think of something in my life (our life) that was a GREAT mystery to me. Drollery and I were sitting in church one Sunday listening to a sermon I can’t remember a thing about. But when we got into the car we looked at each other and I said, “Did anything strike you as odd from that sermon today?” Without hesitating he said he felt we were being led to adopt a child. I was really floored, because I had felt the same thing. This could and did turn out to be somewhat of a problem since there were so many unknowns involved in that process and we had very little money for an adoption. And yet there it was. We both had gotten that same message from the sermon. And it wasn’t something we had ever talked about.


Picking Kavitha up in Portland.

As most of you know by now, we did, indeed, go on to adopt beautiful 7-year-old Kavitha from India. And that led to another mystery, the mystery of how we could fall in love with a child just from seeing her picture. We were head-over-heals crazy about that little girl before we ever met her. It was a total mystery to me how I could feel exactly the same way for an adopted child that I could my own biological child. But there was no difference. I used to joke with people who asked me if we had adopted Stef that we DID adopt one of our kids, but I couldn’t remember which one. 😀 From the day we brought Kavitha home she was as much my child as Brandon was. The only difference was she was born IN my heart not UNDER it.

To this day it remains a mystery to me how we bonded with Kavitha so quickly. I will never be able to figure it out, and I am content to let it be a great and beautiful mystery.




The Sandbox Writing Challenge #56 — You and Mystery

You can read the story of Kavitha’s adoption at Choosing Adoption.

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