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So I ran across this quote today that I fancied. It made me think. And I’ve been pondering on it all day wondering if it’s true.

All art that really draws us to look at it deeply is spiritual. (Wendy Beckett)

Now I don’t think Beckett is referring to “spiritual” in the sense of “religion.” I think she’s talking about:

  1. of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

I also don’t think when she says “art” she’s necessarily talking about paintings. I’m guessing she’s talking about ANY kind of art.

So what’s my favorite piece of art in my house? It’s my framed puzzle (I put together) of Charles Wysocki’s Her Captain’s Wistful Letter. (Though this is a print.)


So what is it I love about this picture so much? It’s the human connection. The heart that is yearning to be with her Captain but knows it’s a long winter until he comes home (at least that’s how I see it).

I relate to that need for human contact. To feel that kindred spirit with others. I feel it in my gut. That’s probably why my house is crammed with pictures of the kids and grandkids, our parents, Drollery and me. I even feel it in this picture by artist Jan Richardson called Where I’m From, which reminds me very much of a womb. It’s made from torn paper! (http://janrichardson.com/artfromblogs.html) And I’ve decided THIS is where I write home to when I’m journaling.


What about you? Do you think Wendy Beckett is right? What’s your favorite piece of artwork, and what does it say to you?

(Yes! Two weird ones in a row. I’m on a roll today!!! 😀 )


Picture Credits:
Her Captain’s Wistful Letter — americangallery.wordpress.com
Where I’m From — www.coastalchurchmaine.com