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granby-coI’ve been following Teri at “Teri again” as she works to reinvent herself on the other side of trauma. I was very inspired by her post yesterday, and I think anyone who struggles with fear would relate and be encouraged. Please do stop by her blog and have a read. Well done, Teri… 🙂

Teri again


Almost every Friday I set with a group of women who like me are victims of emotional and physical abuse. This is a closed group with strict rules: be faithful, honest, and listen to the feedback.  It’s a tight group with a committed core. I sat perched waiting for the talking ball to be passed to me. I usually come in and say little, but tonight there was a plan, I wanted to vent…..

I received information that D is setting himself up as a victim. He told his transgender group I am leaving him because of his chosen lifestyle. He’s never mentioned to them his conviction of domestic violence. I’m sure his affairs or the years of gaslighting me until I began to believe I was crazy never came up. He told his family that I am leaving him because he doesn’t make enough money. Twenty-nine years of marriage…

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