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grumpo-so-whats-your-problem_500I got so busy last week I forgot to post to my own challenge! Could that be a problem??? 😉

So the question from last week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge was: How do you respond to problems in your life? Well that all depends. I doubt most people have only one problem-handling style. I certainly don’t.

problem-resolutionExternal Problems  — I feel fairly adequate to handle organizational problems. I was a secretary at Utah State University Extension Service right out of college. I had to keep FIVE bosses happy. I was the front office manager for an RCA Victor warranty division in Ogden. I managed a small copy center. I taught kindergarten. I thrived on planning women’s retreats… I’m not afraid of challenges to my organizational skills. I enjoy them. And for the most part I usually felt up to the challenge. The one thing I simply seem UNABLE TO DO is organize my own bloomin’ house!!! 😦

masksPeople Problems — This is where I truly struggle. I seem to have two modes when it comes to people. Either very passionate so I can be pretty certain of myself and bossy, or absolutely scared to death, feeling that everything in the world is my fault. Which side of the coin I end up on pretty much depends on the person I’m engaging with and the situation. This is true across the board, be it family, friends, acquaintances, or strangers. And this is something I’ve been working on the last couple years — with little success, I am sorry to say. While I’m doing better with toning down my over-zealousness about issues, when it comes to personal one-on-one relationships that are very important to me, I am more apt to go hide somewhere if things get uncomfortable.

landingpageInternal Problems — I’ve never been afraid to tackle my own internal issues. There’s a part of me that feels driven to keep sorting things out, to understand how my mind and heart works and make improvements. I work at it really hard. I’m absolutely harder on myself than anyone else. But I suppose in some way it’s become a game with me, a way to avoid actually letting go and  living life…

All-in-all, I guess I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on problems in my life. I feel strong most of the time with the exception of problems — or at least what I perceive as problems — with those folks I really love and care about. I have an almost complete lack of confidence in that area and can be devastated very easily. Feeling like I’ve revealed too much of myself leaves me scared and skitterish with people, almost wanting to apologize for “being”.

The biggest problem is, if you come across like the strong one, everyone thinks you always are…



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