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I’ve been following with interest Raili Tanska’s (soulgifts — Telling Tales) and Janet Thomas’s (Elixir: Creative and Reflective Writing) various posts on the big storm and blackout in South Australia last week. Yesterday in Janet’s blog she wrote she’d gone outside at night to see what was going on and she could almost “smell the silence.” She also reflected on what it was that caused the power to go out. Her last paragraph was a “knock out!” (pun intended) She did make me wonder if one of these days we’ll abuse our power sources so much that we’ll end up back in the “dark” ages…

Well I’m a storm lover, too, and her words (smell the silence) really resonated with me. I had to stop and put myself in her place and wonder what else my senses might have perceived. Her words ran around my mind all night, and at 4:00 this morning I had to get up and write something down!

Some people write great nonsensical poems, I would call this one a sense-ical poem.. 😀 Thank you, Janet, for the inspiration! I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your three words!. 😀 They were fun to play with. (Ok… Well they really drove me nuts!. 🙂 )


Standing on the Porch the Night of the Stormy Blackout
(a sense-ical haiku)

smell the dense silence…

feel the slinky, sticky dark…

the tart wind, and

hear distant candles whisper…

see our future in our past?


Picture Credit: www.power-eng.com