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heirloom-orchard-apple-treesI LOVED Opher’s poem from yesterday. I see him SO clearly in it. Can imagine walking through that orchard of ideas. Probably the same can be said of a lot of creative people, but his word picture was so sharp and clear. Well done, Opher!!!

Opher's World

Field of Dreams

I have a notebook in which I scribble my ideas and projects. I am constantly scribbling.

I used to worry that I might run out of ideas but I never seem to. They constantly pour forth so that I have trouble keeping up. That is good because I get bored easily. I like to have a number of projects on the go just as I like to have three or four books to read simultaneously. I am grateful to have so many ideas. Though it makes no sense in terms of progressing my art into a commercial form.

My friends and family become frustrated. They feel that I should focus on one project at a time and finish that before moving on. They think I should spend time marketing and seeking but that is not my way. I get bored. I have to unload my head. If…

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