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who am i

Who am I? Well I’m sure I answered this very question on my blog somewhere two years ago, but I think my answers might have been a little different. For one thing they would likely all have been external snapshots of who I am. But things have changed as I’ve dug around in the “cave” and sorted through my “artifacts.” 😀 I’ve spent so much time “exploring” who I really am, I see myself differently now. So who am I NOW…

  1. I am an “archaeologist” who has finally made peace with her past after “digging up” a lot of unfulfilled wishes I’ve had for a very long time.
  2. I’m an “museum curator” who is documenting, restoring, and preserving the “artifacts” I’ve found, fitting them into the design of me in order to make myself a better, healthier person.
  3. I’m a “pilgrim” who has emerged from my “cave” ready to set out on the next leg of my journey and is just getting used to the daylight and fresh air, where I’m finally learning to BREATHE the right way so I can give myself much needed energy to begin growing mentally and emotionally again.
  4. In the process of that growing, I’ve morphed into a “travel agent” who is learning to reorder the “itinerary” of my life, even when it upsets the apple carts of others and causes some frustrations at home.
  5. I’m a “human being”, not a human doing, who has experienced an enormous amount of “Grace” in my life and wish nothing more than to pass it along to others because, like love, the more you give away, the more you have. 🙂


(I found a post! “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?” from January 2015.)


Sandbox Writing Challenge #60 — Who Am I?

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