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The lovely young lady gcarmack from over at Don’t Judge a Book By Its Movie has challenged me to round 6 of the Quotes Challenge. So off I go for Day 1!!!

Here’s a loaded one by Garrison Keillor…


It’s a shallow life that 
doesn’t give a person a few scars.

Scars are what make us different from one another. Scars are what make us interesting. Scars are the things that show we have — by our own inclination or not — engaged in life.

For example, and it’s a silly one, but hopefully makes my point, how many women spend tons of time agonizing over the fact that they have stretch marks after their babies are born? They slather themselves with all kinds of creams that are suppose to make them disappear. They try every self-help myth they can find on the internet. For some you’d think those scars were the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to them, that the scars define them as a person, that they are now flawed forever. And yet, and yet they have those scars because they’ve been involve in the most precious experience we have as women — giving birth to another human being. You can bet your bottom dollar what they went through to get ’em changed them as a person. For better or worse? I suppose that depends on the situation to a great extent.

I honestly feel that scars are what tie us together as human beings. I don’t think we could be connected to others without them. When you’re hurting, who do you want to talk to? Ms. Susie Sunshine who has never had a hard thing happen to her in her life, or a person who has been right where you are?

I chose this quote because it really isn’t a “feel good” quote like folks usually pick. But I thought it was thought provoking and I really appreciated it.

I’m not going to be nominating anyone to do this challenge, but if you want to jump in and do some of your own, please leave a pingback here and I’ll pass it on to gcarmack. In the meantime, I would love to hear your feedback about the quote. 😀


Picture Credit: Holiness Tabernacle COGIC