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Greg saluting his flag.

I just wanted to post this little news story because in August this group from Hospice did this service for my brother-in-law Greg who is dying from lung cancer. We just happened to catch the story on the news last night and there was a picture of Greg in it. You’ll see him in a wheelchair with his flag in his lap and a VERY TALL Marine and a couple other retired service men there. It was a beautiful ceremony, about half an hour long.

I had done a post about it (Hospice Honors a Veteran) with some pictures back on August 17th. But this is the story behind what the Hospice folks do. I understand that Hospice’s all over the US are beginning to do this service. I thought it was really awesome. I was hoping it would paste the video in here, but it looks like you just have to follow the link. It’s kind of a cool story.