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Hm… I think I’m falling behind on these Sandbox Challenges because they don’t really resonate with me. I may have to look for another, more poignant book or go back to the other one. But for the time being this is it!

The question from two weeks ago was,

If you had $1,000,000, what would you do with it?

In some ways I thought this was a silly question. I think a lot of us would do some of the same things:

• Pay off our debts
• Pay off our kids’/relatives’ debts
• Start college funds for the grandkids
• Give some money to worthy charities and organizations (for us that would be Holt International Children’s Services, Compassion International, our local Children’s Aid Society, our local animal shelters, Project Angel Tree)
• Possibly buy a new, one-level house (I’m not very materialistic but I would LOVE no stairs!)
• Provide for retirement
• Take a Dream Vacation

Could be other things, but there’s one thing I’d do that no one else would — with or without my daughter’s knowledge and approval…

Stef and PushpaI’ve really felt a bond with her mother Pushpa since we first got Stefanie Kavitha’s picture in the mail from Holt. In the journal I kept while we were going through that adoption process, I talked a lot about her mom and how hard it must have been for her to put Stef up for adoption knowing Holt was an international organization and she’d never see her again. Her fears for her daughter came to the forefront during that process, and it really broke my heart. I was so torn about going through with iti. (If you’re interested in what happened, please see Choosing Adoption.)

1259Now I may not like Disney princesses, but I AM a sucker for a truly happy ending. One of my favorite fantasies has been that one day Stef would take her family to Bangalore, India and try to find her mother. I wanted Pushpa to see that her daughter was alive and thriving. Interestingly, when Stef DID go to Bangalore, she didn’t have the desire to try to find Pushpa. It made me sad, but it is HER life after all, so I didn’t push the idea.

BUT! If I had that million bucks, one of the things I’d do is find someone to locate Pushpa and I’d fly over there to see her with a HUGE box of pictures. I would love for her to know what a wonderful, beautiful woman, wife, and mother Kavitha became. And I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for entrusting us with the care of her daughter. Especially in light of her own fears. To me, THAT would be something worthy to spend my money on. 😀


Picture Credits:
Stef and Pushpa — personal
Bangalore, India — Weather Underground

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