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a550ab_e968b0a7259140fbab9477a4f604853bThere’s so much discouraging news going around in the world today, I thought I’d reblog my son’s post about something that’s happening in our town. It’s called Family Promise, a national organization that steps in to provide temporary housing and career guidance counseling for families that have lost their homes. Our congregation is participating. It’s a program that has a very high success rate for getting folks jobs and helping them relocate into a place of their own. The Salt Lake chapter places about 94% of their participants. We’re very excited to be a part of this movement!

The Path of Grace

000omgLast month several churches and local companies got together for a “bed race” to raise money for “Family Promise,” a new ministry for the homeless coming to the Ogden area. This is the entry from my church, CUMC featuring Izzy on the bed, Pastor Gary, Susan, and Mark pushing the bed. The event raised over 6,000 dollars in one day! (Picture: Trinity Presbyterian Church FB.)

For the last year or more, my church, Community United Methodist, has been working with other churches in the Ogden area to implement a new ministry. It’s called “Family Promise,” and it aims to help a certain, very vulnerable segment of the homeless population. See the number of homeless families is ever increasing. We’ve pulled out of a pretty dire recession, but a lot of folks lost their jobs and ended up losing their homes as well. Many of these people were families with kids.


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