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beginning-workThis poem so resonates with me… I guess grief is not something we write about so much as something we write our way through. It’s the difference between going ’round the forest and through it. It is risk… Wonderful words, LuAnne.

Wind Rush


Stop clinging to the disbelief
Stop clinging to the grief
What has not happened yet
is no excuse
for doing nothing now

Don’t let me wait too long, Dear One,
It’s time to dry my eyes
Arise from my recline
Put on my coat and go
out into the world

It’s time to live
the questions with no answers
and begin again to practice

I was away from my blog for most of November. I was sad. But it is time to move beyond the sadness and get up to do the work. I am grateful to my blogging friends and the loving women in my writer’s group for inspiring me to get back into the world. Thank you.

Image by Pixabay

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