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This has been a food weekend from hell… All in the name of Christmas merriment! The “homies” (the six women I get in trouble with occasionally) had their annual Christmas party on Saturday. So being the resident zookeeper here and knowing I was going to be gone most of the day, I figured it was best to keep the lion at bay by making him breakfast when he stirred from his cage around 10:30.

The girls’ luncheon was at 2:00 and I was SO not hungry. Picked at my food. Had the “insides” of a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and a half dozen fries. The rest I gave to my sister.  Lots of conversation ensued, followed by the opening and requisite ooing and awing over gifts. So by the time I got home (and sat out in the car talking with one of the girls for an hour before going in), it was time for us to go to dinner.

I was so, SO not hungry. Drollery ordered a baked potato with his dinner for me as I couldn’t have eaten more (though I managed a bowl of vegetable soup). And by the time we got home I felt like a tick about ready to pop.

BAD night! Muscle spasms every 20 minutes or so from sitting at tables all day, leaning with my elbows on them — this is a major NO-NO with my back issues. So I finally got up for good a bit after 5:00. Glass of tomato juice for breakfast, then got to church at 9:00, slept through both the sermon and most of the Sunday School class. DEFINITELY not feeling well.


And right after church we had another party to go to. Walked in and looked at all the food and moaned. Problem was, by then (2:00) I WAS getting kind of hungry. Cheese, fruit, veggies and dip, chicken strips from Chick-fil-a, and, of course, desserts. By the end of the afternoon I’d had so many carbs I needed a bed — RIGHT NOW! (But it was worth it just to see Brandon get a purse full of jewelry for his White Elephant gift. He missed his calling! He should have been a comedian!. 😀 )


We left (with just a quick stop at home where I managed to sleep for about an hour) and by 6:30 were BACK at church for a Blue Christmas service. That’s a service for folks who are struggling with any kind of loss in their lives this time of year, be it of a person, a job, or any number of other things. Things that make the season of Christmas one of the highest suicide months of the year. And for those of us who aren’t struggling with anything in particular, it’s a time to go and support the ones who are.

574d5933a765aAnd then it happened… Right in the middle of Pastor Gary’s message I escaped to the toity just in time and barfed all over the porcelain altar… I ended up picking bits of what I think was red peppers off my jacket and wiping down the bowl, but at least my stomach felt better. After the service was over, we all gathered in the fellowship hall to commiserate and comfort. And — yes, you guessed it — there was plenty of food. But I’m pleased to say I had one little pig-in-a-blanket and a brownie. I guess I’d finally learned my lesson.

It must be true what they say, though. “If you lay out a ‘spread’ they will come! And eat and eat and eat…” That’s not what Christmas is all about, is it? Food worship? (rolls eyes…) Time to do some severe searching of my heart!!! o_O


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