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Bran cropLast night at an all-church conference meeting at the church we attend, we had the great joy of watching our 38-year-old son Brandon be approved to become a part of the Local Pastors’ Program of the United Methodist Church. What that means is that while he is getting his seminary education and working toward his Master of Divinity degree he will have the opportunity to be mentored and become the pastor at one of the local UMC congregations currently without a pastor.

Becoming a pastor has been on his heart since he was in high school, but during a 6-month associate pastor experience at the church we then were attending, he was exposed to the realities of church politics. For him it was a deal breaker. He just wanted to go tell people about Jesus, not have to “be in charge” of running a church. He still had to mature a LOT to be a pastor. So last night was both the culmination of one part of his life and he beginning of the next.

When the service was ending, everyone there spread out around the sanctuary and held hands to pray. It struck me as we did that instead of ME taking hold of HIS hand like a mom would a toddler to lead them along, He took My hand in his as he stepped onto that new leadership path. It was an odd feeling to realize that we were suddenly somehow switching roles… It made me a little teary to ponder that some time in the not too distant future he won’t be just my son, he’ll be Pastor Brandon.


We’re very proud of him, and we believe this is the path God intended for him all along. He just needed to experience a whole lot of life before he was ready for this step.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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