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Harula’s GLADvent Calendar Day 8


December 8

Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though – that’s the problem. (A.A. Milne)






I definitely talk to our cats Twitch and Buddy! Twitch has very little to say. She’s one of those stuck up library cats that’s of the opinion you’re just her wait-staff! Figures you ought to be able to anticipate her every need! Buddy, on the other hand, is an alley cat, and he’s very articulate and affectionate. You talk to him and he’ll come right back at you. And usually you have NO trouble figuring out what he wants.

But when I think of ANIMALS at Christmas time, my thoughts go right to the stable in Bethlehem. We can pert near figure what ANIMALS were there since there was a manger for feeding. Cows! And probably at least one donkey. We can only guess at what other ANIMALS were there. Personally I think there were LOTS of them! Our Christmas manger scene attests to that!

Drollery built this little stable out of balsa wood the first Christmas we were married, 45 years ago. It’s kind of falling apart. But every Christmas out it comes along with a menagerie of other visitors to the stable to see the baby. If you look closely you’ll also see… (‘scuse the blurry pix!. 😦 )


…an alligator, a lion, a duck, two deer, an elephant, a teddy bear, a beaver, a rooster, and a horse (though how in the world that horse ended up in the loft is beyond me — gonna have to talk to Bran about that!). And to top it off we have Ruth (from the Old Testament) and Santa Claus! The kids really enjoyed adding to the scene from time to time. (Oh! I just realized we’re lacking a camel! Have to see what I can do about that!)

Where’d they all come from? Would you believe the Island of Misfit Toys? Well, sort of. They’ve come from doctors’ offices, playgrounds, parking lots, and heaven knows where all else. You see, it’s our belief there will ALWAYS be room around the manger in the stable for critters and folks alike.. 😀

Don’t forget to listen to the animals. You might be surprised at what you hear!. 😀


Picture Source:
Stocking — Harula
Stable — personal