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Harula’s GLADvent Calendar


December 12
The Senses

Lose your mind and come to your senses. (Frederick Salomon Perls)


layton-hills-mall-1024x556The very first thing that came to mind about the SENSES were the “mall dates” that Drollery and I have every December. Sometime during the month we take a stroll through our local mall to find the kiosk that has the calendars for the new year. I’m VERY particular about my kitchen calendar. I spend a lot of time in there and see the thing often, and I want the artwork to be something I’ll enjoy.

cinnamon-candied-roasted-almonds-2-barbara-bakesSo off we go to experience a carnival for the SENSES! The first thing you notice when you walk in is the SMELL of cinnamon-sugared roasted almonds. The aroma permeates the place the way cinnamon-soaked pine cones scent every craft store this time of year! That, of course, is our first stop! We may buy some for the neighbors for Christmas, but we never fail to buy a bag for us to munch on as we amble our way through the crowd. They TASTE SO yummy! (The nuts, not the crowd.) Sweet and spicy and hot! And if we walk past the food court there are tons of things to SMELL. Especially Mrs. Field’s cookies!

exterior-seaquest-aquariumThe whole place is a delight for the eyes to SEE. The mall is beautifully decorated. Everywhere you look are Christmas displays of Santas and angels and ornaments. And this month there will be even more to SEE because they’ve opened an aquarium there, SeaQuest. I’m sure there’s a few more SMELLS in there as well, not to mention all the beautiful fish to SEE.

where-to-see-santa-christmast-december-2016-ogden-layton-northern-utah-farmington-malls-pictures-with-santaAnd in the background you HEAR the din of voices as folks mill up and down the mall chatting about presents, parties, and such. Not to mention HEARING the carolers that sing most nights in mid-court where Santa Claus is. And every now and then they will have a troupe of bell ringers there.

As to the SENSE of TOUCH, there’s always the jostling of the crowd to make you feel chummy or irritated. As we walk along the second floor I run my hand along the polished railings. Then, of course, there’s the heat of the nuts, the slick paper stock of the calendars, the little sweet beads on the top of the mints the employees always let you sample at the Hillshire Farms kiosk.

But there’s one SENSE I always have on that second floor that’s a weird one. I have positional vertigo in my left ear, so when we’re walking along up there, I actually have a SENSE of that earthquake-proof building swaying. It’s the craziest thing to experience. Not as much fun as getting off a long elevator ride and walking like you’re three sheets to the wind, however!. 😀

As to a SIXTH SENSE that Harula asked about. Well, I always have the feeling when we get there that we’re going to have a great date. Does that count?. 🙂


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